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How to comment on such an experience and do it justice? You can’t and it’s something I highly recommend should be experienced 🙂 Go with an open mind to being tactile and let go of your inhibitions about what you perceive to be appropriate touch with a stranger and in my opinion, you’ll get the most of out this experience. For me, it was intimate but not sexual. It nurtured parts of me that being single (in addition to being away from family) are lacking. I walked out of that workshop feeling balanced and the same feeling that I can compare to a ‘post sex glow’!!! And all without it being in any way sexual. Very liberating and a reminder that as humans, we need to fulfil this basic human need to be touched (and not only in the way that my British humour wants to comment) 😉 It reached parts of my soul that even a heart warming hug can’t reach. Thank you Jai for facilitating it in such a warm, professional and real way.

Wow!  An amazingly wonderful class, in which I laughed until my sides hurt mirroring dances with others, released a powerful block as someone gently held my head, and experienced soulful melting in the arms of perfect strangers.  Well done Jai!

Julie Cowley
Last night’s class was fantastic! Thank you, James, for holding the space that inspires and allows me to fully express myself. This is a huge gift for me. Your class is definitely one of my top highlights of the week! I love it! =)

Shivani Bali
Sensational and sensual session James! Thank you! You are a model of the modern man we women seek to spend more time with.

Linda Allman-Ward
Wish I was still in Bali to continue my Biodanza, what an amazing experience. Definitely highlight. With you in spirit.

Simone Pugh 
I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your classes. they were truly inspiring and one of the things that really stays with me from my time there. So thank you.

Two months in Bali and the Biodanza experience is one I will always remember. James, the facilitator, did a tremendous job. Connecting with everyone there was very easy. It brought joy and comfort to my soul.
Thank you James! I’m sending my love to you and the Biodanza dancers in Bali.

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