Offerings for Retreats and Gatherings

As facilitators we know that creating trust and connections in our groups is essential to sucessfull retreats. The sooner our group bonds, the more profound the experience for all.

I offer specialist techniques in bringing people together in deep connection and harmony using a Dance method called Biodanza, Comedy Theatre Sports and Laughter Yoga. These methods can be used early on in your event to connect your group or as part of your group process.


Biodanza is a an unparalleled dance system for integrating groups at the level of heart, confident expression and celebration of life. In one class participants can establish relationships closer than those of people they’ve known for months!

Biodanza is a powerful healing method and can be used as part of your retreat process. With specifically tailored class, we can address the needs of you and your clients, be it celebration of completion, balancing energies, opening heartful healing, subtle connections to universal love etc.

Laughter Yoga

IMG_3926Laughing  – it’s so easy – fake it till you make it, the body can’t tell the difference, you still get all the juicy benefits.  This is a fantastic way to bring your group together and break the ice for a workshop or as a levity break when your are practicing something deep and meaningful!

Games, exercises and laughter meditation lead us into letting go, raising levity, stimulating the immune system, expanding your lungs and improving humour.

Comedy Theatre Sports

Comedy Theatre Sports is a playful way to connect groups by exploring our capacity to be spontaneous and say YES to life. It opens our creativity and expression, bonding through shared experience, working as a team and dropping defences.

Using specially designed warm up games, we build trust and confidence in individuals who then easily and naturally allow themselves to be more courageous and vivacious with often side splitting results.

We then explore simple scenes and sketches that even the most shy rise to, reinforcing confidence and capacity for freedom of expression. This is all done in a safe field of ‘ You can’t get anything wrong’.

Laughter is a great healer and when we create our own entertainment through co-operation and collaboration, it’s a great bonding tool. These classes can also be used as light entertainment for an evening anywhere for well established groups.

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Add a package to your workshop….

1 Class of 1.5 hours ……..    200,000 per person (2.6 Milllion Rupiah minimum)

(Comedy & Laughter Yoga is 150,000 per person 1.5 Million minimum )

Each includes and interview with the facilitator/leader to ascertain the content required of with the group to establish appropriate support for their process. 

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Creating spaces for trust, love, healing and connection.