James Jai Harvey (Jai Nanda)

James (Harshand) Harvey 2011My passion is holding space for people to express their full potential in any given moment using therapeutic dance in the form of Biodanza, and Theatre Sports (Comedy Improvisation). I live for transformation; to see a group of strangers, often in fear, open to connect and love each other, holds indescribable beauty for me. ..

The world as we know it is changing rapidly. We need to connect from the heart, to experience the shared being that we are as fully and as soon as possible. Fear leads us into separation which causes dis-ease as we are cut-off from the very things that bring us well being. What I offer creates openings to remedy imbalances in our existence.

I been involved in personal development for the last 25 years practicing Biodanza for 18 years, Pilates for 8 years & Comedy Improv for 9 years with an active group in Bali. I’m also a Pilates instructor, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Coach and Gift of Harmony practitioner. I also ran a community centered alternative space in Greece for four seasons and am dedicated to causing liberation, freedom, love and harmony in the world.

Since November 2009 I left the Western world and have been in Asia teaching Biodanza & Comedy at the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan and moved to Bali doing the same and learning the Gift of Harmony techniques whilst following the path of awakening.

Biodanza has provided me with a spring board for life, a deeper connection with nature, myself and others. My confidence and sense of place in the world has grown amazingly with this method, allowing me to explore the world of Comedy and to venture out so much more into the world!

I now have a world wide network of friends and enjoy a rich life of continued exploration, transformation and dance.  I pray that we all give ourselves the gift of liberation, free ourselves from our illusions, and fly together in love!!!

James speaks about Biodanza

With love, James