What should I wear to workshop?

Wear something loose and comfortable, pretty much as you would for Yoga. Classes are normally bare foot. It’s a group event, so please come as clean and fresh as you can.

What should I bring?

It’s a good idea to bring a towel to dry yourself during the class, and possibly a change of clothes, it’s pretty hot here! Water is provided, but good to have your own in the room.

I can’t dance!

No problem – any one who can move can do Biodanza. The exercises are based on simple movements and it’s your own journey into natural expression. If you have a specific disability or illness, contact me and I’ll advise you best I can.

What is Biodanza like or similar to?

It has a similar structure to a Yoga class, with exercises and practice. It’s more specific than 5 Rhythms as it explores specific aspects of living and emotional experience. It’s really like a dance party that’s guided and designed to be ultra good for you.

How intimate is it – am I safe?

Contact is encouraged in the form of caress and embrace. You set the limits as you wish in all exercises and only do what you are comfortable with. We learn to clearly communcate our boundaries in every class. This creates a safe space to explore and expand to fully express our Awakened Hearts at our own pace.

What’s the format of the class?

A class consists of dance and movement exercises which you are invited to participate in. We start connecting in a circle, meeting each other with our gestures, finding the groups rhythm together. Then we progress into more connection with ourselves and others, simply and easily, with shared dances, and games in celebration. Typically, we then move into softer expression, slowing down to enter the Yin aspect of our being and our deeper heart connection.

Will I have to talk?

No. It is a silent practice which helps quiet the mind and helps us access more of the wisdom of our bodies.

Is it based on scientific principles?

Yes. It is based on biological principles and works with quite technical levels of biological and neurological renovation. If you want more detail read Biodanza: Art, Science, Love [ a pdf 500kb ].

How was Biodanza discovered?

Biodanza is essentially the “science of a party”. Like most great discoveries, it was discovered by accident. Rolando Toro Araneda attended a party and realised everyone was happy and having a good time. This simple, basic observation led him to spend forty years exploring how music, simple movements and a “party atmosphere” could generate well-being and health in every category of human being.

The result has been a theoretical and empirically based method which has categorically helped hundreds of thousands of people reach higher states of well-being and self confidence.

Special thanks to Biodanza South Africa for the structure of this page!