Biodanza is a system of human development through dance and movement.

Each workshop creates an environment where the deepest truth of oursleves can be experienced, witnessed and shared. There is a hunger in all of us for connection and a fear of what that might mean. Our true nature is connection to everything and everyone.

In the dance we create a nest of trust and openness through non-verbal dance & movement exercises leading us into deep levels of emotional expression and releasing us from conditioned behaviour. This opens us to connect more deeply with the truth of our being, our instincts, our body. Slowly, gently, we begin to drop the mind, allowing each moment to be fully experienced in the now; ecstasy, tenderness, love, joy, inner quiet, whatever each moment calls for!!!

Each class consists of guided exercises set to world music. The music evokes our connection to our instinctual, emotional world, moving us from within allowing natural re-generation. A class typically flows from upbeat, outward, vital expression, to inner, softness, tenderness and creative flow. We naturally come into connection and contact with ourselves and others, in a safe held space. There is nothing you ‘have’ to do, it’s not authoritative in any sense – you find your way to express your fullest potential in the moment.

If you can walk, you can do this!!! (there are specialisations for those that cannot walk!). There are no steps to learn so no thinking required, just you to show up, exactly as you are. The facilitator will demonstrate exercises to comminicate the essence of an exercise and it’s objective, each person then finds their own unique way into that experience.

We dance by ourseleves, in ones, two, threes etc… and all together varying the degree of expression of our identity, who we are as an individual, on a continuam to a place where we can let go of our boundaries completely. Many dance methods only work with the expression of the individual. Although this is very valuable, it misses a whole dimension of experience and can leave us separate and isolated. In Biodanza we are able to once more know, beyond the intellect, that we are all in a network of humanity and nature, celebrate our individual unique expression and integrate this harmoniusly with others.



Biodanza is a world wide certified system of Human Integration and Growth and was developed in the mid 70’s by Rolando Torro from Chile. It’s practiced by thousands of people around the planet who together, create a global community of harmonius love and acceptance!!!