Biodanza is a delicious exploration of humanity in dance.

Biodanza joy of walking together! Biodanza Delight Biodanza Embraces - we connect heart to heart

Together we play, open and explore using simple dance and movement exercises which re-connect us to our deepest sense of love and joy.

I was so moved, so open and expanded at the end of the class, I didn’t want to leave. Thanks Jai for holding such a beautiful space. – Jelila.

Biodanza is …

Courtesy of the San Francisco School of Biodanza.

Through simple, wordless guided movement exercises and ‘games’ that anyone can do – like holding your partner’s head, moving in a circle or mirroring another’s movements, Biodanza draws you in to a fascinating discovery of yourself and your world that is inspiring, revelatory, and extraordinary.

After the class, you’ll feel a deep sense of connection – often with complete strangers – it’s beautiful, heartful & touching. It fulfills our human need to connect and be appreciated – and reassures that love and connection is in fact always available from within ourselves the other human beings in every moment.

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Come back into our oneness – our original well-being the joy of simply being ALIVE!!!


Biodanza, meaning to dance with life, and is a fusion of music, movement and emotion. It is a scientifically proven method of personal development aimed at raising your capacity to communicate, to improve the quality of your relationships and your sense of well being and happiness.

James (Jai) Harvey

James Jai. Biodanza & Improv facilitator , IT Pro, Coach and more.

I love the simple purity of connecting with others. When I dance this, I move into euphoric states of love, ecstasy & joy. All thoughts abandoned for the pleasure of the moment.
It’s been my passion for the last 18 years and I’m so open to share this with you here. It’s known as the Biodanza method of human integration, designed to enrich and liberate.

We explore simple, yet profound dance and movement exercises together set to beautiful bio-sympathetic music – African beats, Latin Passion, healing melodies and much more. It’s a guided class, like Yoga, taking us on journeys into our deeper expression, the deeper truth of who we are – whole and complete.

We dance in ones, twos, threes… all together. Contact is encouraged in the form of affectionate caress and embrace and you set the limits as you wish in all exercises. This creates a safe space to explore and expand to fully express our Awakened Hearts.

And the day came to blossomOur true nature is connection to everything and everyone. In Dance we are able to know, beyond the intellect, that we are all in a network of humanity and nature. We celebrate our unique individuality and integrate this harmoniously with others. Progressively,  playfully, gently, intimately with love and compassion, we uncover the passion, beauty & love for ourselves and others that was always there.

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You will release your life energy for healing, love and expression – progressively integrating your heart, mind and desires, with yourself, each other and the group. It’s the Yoga practice of the future!

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